Submitting information to the SCWT Database

The Wheaten Health Endowment depends on every Wheaten breeder or owner to voluntarily submit data regarding their dog so that it may be included in the database. The open sharing of health data can help us better understand the diseases affecting our dogs and it is our sincere hope that the analysis of this data may lead to cures or preventative treatments.

Please use the following forms to add or update information in the SCWT Database. After the form is submitted, an operator will review the data and enter it into the database. If additional documentation is required an operator will contact you with more information.

Supporting Documentation

All certification information must be verified before it will be entered into the database. If the data is not verifiable on the certifying body's website, a copy of the test results must be submitted to the SCWT Database (see Database Policies for details). This copy can be e-mailed, faxed, or sent to the SCWT Database via mail/postal delivery.

What this means is that clearance test results, such as Heart, Eyes, Hips, Elbows, Thyroid, etc., that were not submitted to CERF, OFA, or other registries are perfectly acceptable for entry into the SCWT Database. We only need a copy of the test results to verify them.

Health information can be submitted by the owner or breeder without supporting documentation but it will be marked as anecdotal. Only after receiving a copy of a vet's specific diagnosis or pathology report will the entry be marked as diagnosed. Because researchers are only interested in supportable diagnosed conditions, we really encourage you to provide that supporting documentation.

For more information about submitting supporting documentation, please contact