SCWT Health Information

The primary goal of this database is to collect detailed health and disease information on as many Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers as possible. Collecting, storing and making this health data available to anyone via an open database can provide significant benefits:

  • Reliable health records will benefit breeders choosing mates for their dogs.
  • Owners seeking a puppy or older dog to add to their family can research pedigrees and health history of a dog they hope to adopt.
  • The database could help identify health trends before they might otherwise be noted by an individual.
  • Veterinarians and veterinary researchers will have abundant data at their fingertips including pedigrees, health issues, and owner information.

To achieve those goals we need widespread and ongoing support of the database by Wheaten breeders and owners. We have designed the database to be open to all; there are no fees or requirements for participation. We ask only that you provide as much information as possible on each dog you own or have bred and keep it current.

Because of the importance to researchers that health data be correct it will be independently verified whenever possible using veterinary records, pathologists reports, and certifications from registering bodies such as OFA and CERF. Unverified health information will be classified as anecdotal in the individual dog's records. To maintain the integrity of the database, anonymous submissions of data will not be accepted.